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    [EN] Brief report from Paris
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    In our demonstration on April 21 (just before the first turn of presidential elections) we were like 700 people, from different parts of France (it was the arrival of French marchs from Bayonne, Marseille, Toulouse, Angers, Lille), with the message "they do not represent us"
    Some pictures here :

    At the end of the demonstration (near the Eiffel Tower), police surrounded us and prevented us to leave except groups of 10 people every 1/4 or 1/2 hour (because the police "escorted" people until metro stations so we had to wait for the return of "escorts"). There was so many police that people got discouraged from organising a campment. At the end we were very irritated because it was so long and we were forced to stay, so we put 2 tents and it was the mean we found to make pressure for our liberation and it worked

    On may 1st, there was the assembly with workers after the demonstration, on the place of Bastille. We had some pm with internet connexion, there was a lot of people and a lot of noise and it was difficult to hold this assembly, but what people said was interesting. Just one of the collectives of workers whith whom we prepared the assembly was present, the other did not come, so we were quite disappointed. Most of people who were at the assembly were people usually involved in the movement or people who were there for the demonstration and stayed because they found the assembly interesting. We were like 500 people. We may organise the next assembly of workers in a more protected place, not outside but inside in the labour exchange (in a place they are used to), so that people are more at ease...
    When the assembly came to the end, the leftist party (front de gauche) arrived at the place of Bastille (it was a very long demonstration so it took time for all people to come to the end of demonstration). They wanted to go to the famous steps where we stayed and they did not understand that we were organising an assembly there. They came and almost squashed us and our material (sono etc.), there was a conflict, people shouted, then they understood, apologize and left.

    For May 12 (http://paris.reelledemocratie.net/node/1009), we are preparing several demonstrations leaving at 2pm from different places of Paris and suburbs (Belleville, Bastille, Gare Saint Lazare, Saint Denis) to converge on the center of Paris where there will be several popular assemblies on different themes (education, housing, health, democracy, environment, media...). Our facebook event is this one : http://www.facebook.com/events/376659262373290/. I am quite sure we'll camp but we do not know the place (it could be a surprise). If we organise something on May 15 it may be spontaneous.
    Currently, only the French march from Lille stays in parisian region (with the suburbs march), the other French marchs left and are going in other regions or countries. The march of suburbs (with the march of Lilles) is driving on in the suburbs and they meet a lot of people, they are very happy of their experience, however they are not numerous enough. For all projects, we are not numerous enough.

    As Niel told, the suburbs march was at the Defense yesterday and some people sleeped there.
    On Monday it is the elections. Some people will not vote, some will choose blank vote, some will vote for a candidate. We can see that a lot of people are very busy that Sarkozy leaves, there is a lot of websites against Sarkozy. For instance this one which makes a count down for the departure of Sarkozy : http://cestquandquilpartsarko.fr/ . On sunday there will be an assembly about democracy on the place of Bastille (constitution, assemblies, referendum on popular initiative, blank vote, imperative mandates, random drawing...).


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