Camp and arrests in Paris (May 15)

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    Camp and arrests in Paris (May 15)
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    The 25 outraged camp in paris  were arrested yesterday (May 15) and taken to police identity check at the 18th, they finally all released during the evening. It seems that all their equipment (which had been shipped) they were returned (there is nothing left fountain of innocents).

     We do not yet visible on the next day on the camp.

     The declaration had expired on Sunday at 23h (in accordance with what was decided at the AGM), but the rally was beyond this term was tolerated, and it was being developed (we went from 20 to 25 people). Be aware that European case law (ECHR) protects peaceful assembly even undeclared (basis of the complaint pending against the police headquarters), but this argument is little understood by the police ...

     A new statement was faxed yesterday to protect the more formal gathering until midnight May 27 (to be considered for renewal later) but only take effect after three working days, ie from Saturday 0h . This is perhaps at this time we will resume the camp, or before, impossible to know now.

    Sophie (Commission network), May 16, 2012

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