CR réunion internationale mumble 21 juillet 2013

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    CR réunion internationale mumble 21 juillet 2013
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    Compte-rendu de la réunion internationale sur mumble du 21 juillet 2013

    Online Forum - How can we connect now our struggles and squares to create a global change? Brainstorming on 15-O and next step




    - NEXT MEETING IN MUMBLE 22nd August 2013, 8.00 PM GMT

    Bulletin Board


    Symbolic space / Time

    1st Round : 1  hour

    2nd Round: 1 hour

    Closing Session: 1 hour


    Rosario [ESPAÑOL] - see the need to create a global agenda with essential events & design a new “international road map to dignity 2013” with 15.O as an arrival point...

    european symposion


    in germany


    which world do we want to live in?





    how could we organize global alternative actions (not just a demo, not a ritual actions)

    like alternative action week to stop banks, finance, transnationals entities





    Jackie/Oliver/Liz Occupy National Gathering in Kalamazoo, MI 21-25 August - online gathering 22 Aug - would like participants to join online and give presentations, skillshares and teach-ins as well as a big Open Space meeting as this one, same time and place as here.

    Not just about the gathering, but moving forward in Global connections.


    Sharing narratives, histories of struggles : People’s Global Action, Altermondialism, anti-austerity.


    Partage de récits, histoires de luttes : l’Action Globale des Peuples, Altermondialisme, Anti-austérité.




    International action against repression (beg September) @Fnorega

    David - Cuáles son los commons que unen lo local con lo global, y que podrían servir de ejes de propuesta política del 15-O?



    Creating a global parliament and other structures for global democracy & Days of Action Oct. 17-24th- @Aikos

    orsan- how will 15O be? how will we make global convergence  of zapatista, african uprisings, occupy, 15m, blockupy, via22, yosoy, anonymous, capulcus, changebrazil, india, china.....,  towards 15O and beyond happen?



    @ivnbkn: #15O action proposal -> block of infrastructures (digital&physical) in order to stop capitalist accumulation (in other words, reactualising the strike form)

    @ivnbkn: connecting university struggles in order to transform knowledge into a global battlefield





    March Against Monsanto #12o #MAM  Global Protest



    What is the strategy to make the people that know that we need change to join us but are still afraid/too busy of fighting for global freedom?

    I mean the news are everywhere but major network news try to hide it, yet people don’t seem to care, because mainly I feel that it didn’t touch their lives yet

    (mika) convergence

    eco activism -

    Total Liberation networks

    animal liberation human liberation

    July 31 until August 4 Potsdam near Berlin

    5- 11 august Nantes ZAD france

    16-18 Belgium







    Necesitas traducción? porfa dilo en el chat de Mumble?///Tu as besoin de traduction? Dis-le sur le chat de Mumble/// braucht jemand übersetzung?\\tem alguem que precisa traduçao aqui?

    (Please help asking this in your language)//

    Open Space Guide

    4 Principles

    - Whoever comes is the right people.

    - Whatever happens is the only thing that could have.

    - Whenever it starts is the right time.

    - When it´s over, it´s over.


    And One Law


    If, during our time together, you find yourself in any situation where you are neither learning nor contributing, use your two feet and go to some more productive place.


    SUMMARY (please click on the link to go to the section and follow/write notes, please don’t write anything in the summary :) 

    Bulletin Board

    Open Space Guide

    4 Principles

    And One Law

    AGENDA (work in progress)


    Mumble Code







    Minutes of July 21st


    Round 1

    Round 2


    Round 1

    Round 2


    Round 1

    Round 2


    Round 1

    Round 2

    expierience of stopping the building of an airport



    Round 1

    International Action against Repression

    Syntagma Round 2



    Round 1:


    Round 2:

    Sao Paulo

    Round 1


    Round 2



    round 1

    Round 2


    Beer Room

    Round 1


    Round 2 (Beer)





    - Choosing facilitator : (Titanpad for facilitation :

    - welcome : introduction

    - ask for needs of translations and for translators in all languages : to translate the introduction and to write topics in the Bulletin Board of the Google doc

    - Opening:     

    explaining the forum idea

    explaining the methodology : we will be using the open space methodology/explain (chat signs) /background


    - Proposal : Structure of the meeting: having two rounds in different rooms with proposal made at the beginning of the meeting (page 4) in the and a third part which could be a closing section with report back from different rooms


    - Working sessions (please look at the Bulletin Board below)


    - Closing session

    Decide on the next meeting (22nd august has been proposed)

    Report Backs from breakout rooms

    Facebook group

    Checking out

    - The space is open to all those who want to stay and chat!



    Today Sunday 21st we are holding the second mumble meeting to bring  people from Turkey, Brazil, Bulgaria, Egypt... together with activists  from transnational networks who have experience with the new tools and  methods.

    Objective is to cross fertilise, exchange and create further  collaboration so extend and strengthen global ties towards 150. Here is the call text and details:

    Occupy National Gathering and Via22 global conversation will be combining their regular meeting  with this one and it would be possible to go on regularly with this open  space to come together once a month, on the 22th of each month. So we  could create and open space to exchange among many networks that are  building a real change path towards dignity.


    General Notes for Intro and Final session

    Mumble Code


    WWWW or +1 = I agree

    MMMMM or -1 = I disagree

    ****turn**** = I ask for turn

    +++++ = I have a direct response

    TTTTT = I ask for a technical point

    ##### = please kindly try to conclude

    Other languages


    Symboles à utiliser dans le chat durant nos rencontres sur Mumble

    WWWW or +1  =  Je suis d'accord

    MMMMM or -1   = Je ne suis pas d'accord

    ****turn****     = Je voudrais prendre la parole

    +++++          =  Je veux réagir sur ce qui vient d'être dit

    TTTTT            = Point technique

    #####        =  Svp essayez d'aller à la conclusion j'ai compris l'idée



    Símbolos gráficos utilizados en el chat durante nuestras reuniones sobre Mumble

    WWWW o 1 = estoy de acuerdo

    MMMMM o -1 = no estoy de acuerdo

    ****Turn**** = Me gustaría hablar

    + + + + + = Quiero responder a lo que se acaba de decir

    TTTTT = punto técnico

    # # # # # = Por favor, trate de concluir, entendí la idea



    WWWW or +1 = Concordo

    MMMMM or -1 = Discordo

    ****turn**** = Peço a vez para falar

    +++++ = Tenho uma reposta direta ao que foi dito

    TTTTT = Tenho uma pergunta técnica

    ##### = Por favor, conclua seu pensamento.



    Mumble toplantıları sırasında soldaki kolondaki sohbet kısmında kullandığımız semboller

    WWWW or +1     = katiliyorum

    MMMMM or -1   = katilmiyorum

    ****turn****       = söz sirasi isteme

    +++++             = dogrudan müdahale

    TTTTT                = teknik bir noktayi sormak istiyorum

    #####                = lütfen sonucunuzu baglayin




    • The netherlands

    • Uk, Occupy London

    • France, Brest ( Britanny )

    • Spain, Valencia, Madrid 15M , DRY Madrid , Canary, Barcelona

    • Turkey Istanbul

    • Croatia

    • Mexico Zapatista  owszapatista, yo soy 132

    • Quebec, Canada, montreal

    • Wroclaw, Poland

    • Oregon, US

    • São Paulo, Brazil

    • Italy, Rome, Bologna, Milano

    • Portugal , Lisboa

    • Ireland

    • Poland

    • Vancouver, Canada

    • Western NY, USA


    Minutes of July 21st



    Round 1 : Rosario - See the need to create a global agenda with essential events & design a new “international road map to dignity 2013” with 15.O as an arrival point...


    Hablando de la road map al 15O. Se propone la siguiente herramienta para comunicar los distintos eventos  y se propone que los próximos encuentros internacionales sean direccionados en el camino hasta el 15 de octubre. Es importante proponerlo a todas las listas. ¿Como podemos conectar todas diferentes plazas? Tenemos que pensar glocal (global y  hyperlocal)

    Hay propuestas  como un referendum internacional. Hay propuestas de acciones como días de alternativas y de boicot muy fuertes  y a nivel local que tenga consecuencias fuertes a nivel global contra bancos y multinacionales (algo como un toqueabankia global). En el tema de la participación tenemos que pensar a acciones que generan acciones ciudadanas y participación activa. Necesitamos tiempo. No necesitamos más herramienta porque ya tenemos muchas

    Las acciones no se pueden imponer. La road to dignity hasta el 15 de octubre  tiene que ser un proceso abierto en el cual se van ponendo las diferentes plazas





    Round 2: guest-miScha - European symposium - August-november in germany (invitation/planning):  Which world do we want to live in?

    “European summer of breaking up - which world do we want to live in”

    a symposion from 1.august - 1.november in black forrest/southern germany

    we talked about our ideas for the happening, and created a facebook event for it:


    this is very basic information right now, more detailed info will follow

    within 48 hours

    you can get the information also via email:

    it’s a non-commercial event, so you can participate also if you have no money,please spread the information.



    Round 1


    Draft Schedule

    Press Release


    Oliver - here from InterOccupy working with NatGat organizing

    Occupy Wall Street International Gathering from Aug. 21-25

    Liz - Jackie is planning Via 22 discussion, afternoon

    Oliver - mumble meeting - large international, what can we accomplish?  discussion about what we can do about next month’s meeting.  Take turns speaking

    Francois - hello, I’m not sure what exactly the … like the speaking from the heart, personally very interested in hearing point of view about what want to happen on the communication day.

    Oliver - have a large room with multiple rooms for discussion.  Could be far more people.  but other things with people who come from other countries.  Very great thing to brainstorm.

    Liz - time for report backs from other countries during Via 22

    Oliver - like that idea, to have reportbacks from other countries.  we only hear a small amount and also having that lead into discussion forums.  How do we move? what is the next step to getting to online planning so we can have people from all over world to collaborate.  maybe work that out ahead of time

    [Jackie had trouble with connection for about a half an hour - rejoins:]

    Jackie - this is what afraid of for NatGat but got notice that program not responding.  Respond to idea for the day.  Wanted to propose that the 3rd transnational meeting, we join in them and use these rooms.  BC most used to using this area.  Occupy London did a Global Skill Share - helping them for a few months - had a presentation from Iceland for another day.  We’d really like to do skill shares and presentations, skype in and hang out. Not limited to mumble.  

    Liz - anyone on this call want to do report back or skill share?

    Francois - want to request skillshare, like to listen to stories about previous movement and forums in the early 2000s.  Would get his attention.

    Oliver - great to have people talking about other countries, then talk about best practices to see what worked on the streets, record and then share that.  so that people don't have to reinvent the wheel and we can keep moving forward

    Another thing would be great if had a mobile research project that could be broken down and people in diff countries could work on them, then pool the info.  done by big corps.  if we can figure out ways to collaborate.  Not just in our movements, but also w 1% and corporations.

    Liz - few people joined - ask same question about what to see.

    Marcus - living in new york, but come from Germany and have been part of Blockupy Frankfurt.  could do report back and some skill sharing from organizing at the g8 protest 2007 in heiligendamm. mass actions, blockades, camp building etc., can give overview of the movement in germany, and to some extent europe

    Oliver - start building a list

    Liz - any ideas for skills shares? reportbacks?

    Oliver - came across Real Time Board - tool to visually map out ideas, add videos. interesting way to work on a campaign or project :

    Liz - how do we deal with different languages?

    François - offers to translate from English to French and vice versa.

    Oliver - how about making a list of available translators for NatGat?

    Liz - reads a comment from ukwatching in chat :  «one thing I've found - is its hard to find out what's been happening online - and many groups don't use the internet to capacity so for more participation during conference you should also consider how to spread word widely about possibility of online participation. often we find out about things at the last minute»

    orsans - it is all about convergence, meetings like agora99. In another room, they are talking about global communication. This meeting and other meeting on the road, this is the way to share information about this. So we are already working on it. It should be all connected somewhere.

    François : the activists and people connecting and establishing personal relationships are a lasting way to share information on a global scale.

    Liz - ukwatching posted : ukwatching : I'm online only - disabled and full time career so am findable online to spread info - but need people to pass it to me

    Orsans - there is a list of planned actions in the coming months (at the end of this document)

    Jackie - Europie happening in Toulouse, on the 23rd, 24th and 25th. Group that sprung from the Bhopal tragedy will join. Thinks it’s a good idea to use this platform that we’re using today for the 22nd of August so that participants are familiar with it.

    Oliver - great to have reportbacks, would like to hear people come together and share about particular issues like frakking for example.

    orsans - is it possible to bring people from other communities into this kind of meeting?

    Liz - reads : ukwatching : corparations/ money in politics all in very many countries too

    Jackie - It’s a work in progress. One focus of the NatGat is connecting the local and global struggles. Have local events in solidarity, get livestreaming. Hopefully we’ll have lots of tech people to help on that day of NatGat.

    Oregonmedia - Besides regular stories about fracking and such, we had a story in Uganda relating...  Since Nov 2011, we have a group, will connect for NatGat

    Liz - Group : do you have a skillshare to offer?

    Jackie - We have involvement from non-Occupy groups : Idle No More, Tear Down the Walls, AfgJ,  want to break down borders November 1-2-3.

    Liz - reads : ukwatching : civil disobedience workshops would be good, along with legal advice, as arrest is likely

    nopsey - regarding protests, it’s better to access your local council meetings. example : registered a mattress to speak at a council meeting. It got in the local press that way. You can get creative in that way and get your message across like that.

    Jackie - time is 16:14 question : have we someone to do the reportback after the 2nd session?

    Liz - since the stack is open, I’ll list the content of NatGat : 21st parade day, float; 22nd communications and media; 23rd environment; 24th corporations, money in politics Move to Amend (group) trying to have “money is speech” overturned; 25th peace not war, Occupy Love will be projected

    Oregonmedia : weekly briefing of Press clients from IndyMedia.

    Liz - She knows about it,

    Oregonmedia : I'm the host of the media meeting

    nopsey - anyone in contact recently with @UnToldCarlisle?

    Jackie - remember to list your assemblies to support the NatGat.

    David - the next mumble chat will be on the 22nd of August. We’ll try to livestream as much as possible. Lots will be going on.



    Round 2



    Round 1


    Round 2 (RIo)



    Round 1

    ¿Cuáles son los commons que unen lo local con lo global, y que podrían servir de ejes de propuesta política del 15-O?


    [22:45:44] (Canal)juan: creo que el capitalismo que asfiscia el planeta implica el cambio [22:48:13] (Canal)klaudia: a favor de un mundo con justicia social

    [22:48:54] A Syntagma (en español): reparto justo de la riqueza

    [22:49:08] A Syntagma (en español): contra la pobreza - reparto justo de la riqueza

    [22:49:43] (Canal)klaudia: por un planeta sostenible

    [22:50:07] A Syntagma (en español): contra el cambio climático - por un futuro sostenible.. mmh... no me gusta sostenible

    [22:50:11] A Syntagma (en español): por el cuidado del planeta

    [22:54:37] (Canal)klaudia: mejor ir a la esencia de quiere decir capitalismo

    [22:55:00] A Syntagma (en español): 15-O: Unidos contra el capitalismo.

    [22:55:19] (Canal)klaudia: old school

    [22:56:04] (Canal)Aut-It: perdonar , no me fonciona el mic. "io dirìa 15 octubre juntos contra el ...?..." "unido" da igual XD

    [22:56:24] (Canal)juan: tambien podria se por la libertad a decidir (del pueblo)

    esto tambien implicaria a las decisiones en defensa del planeta, pobreza...

    [22:57:37] A Syntagma (en español): people-first economy

    otro mundo es posible

    Derechos humanos

    la palabra clave es "dignidad"


    El tema es que se necesitan resultados...

    por los servicios públicos

    ligándolo con lo de cada uno

    la imprtancia de la participacíon significativa en los asuntos públicos: que no sean solo los gobernantes los que decidne, sino que seamos todos.

    Queremos que el pueblo decida

    Democracia real

    99% reunite


    maybe just a boykot against some global corporation? llike monsanto, goldman sachs...


    Round 2

    experience of stopping the building of an airport

    The discussion was around the need we feel to not just make demonstrations, but to engage in actions that (1) have a real impact on the normal functioning of the system and (2) put in practice the alternatives we are fighting for.

    The participants shared some experiences as the ZAD, a experience of long-term resistance against the building of an airport north of Nantes, in France (; the experiences of resistance of NOTAV and against the american base in Sicily; the coordinated block of ports in the US western coast on late 2011; the “Toque a Bankia”, that happened in last May on Spain, when thousands of people fulfilled the agencies of Bankia with stupid questions and requests, blocking the working of this bank.

    So, we get to two main types of actions that could be used on 15O as an alternative to the normal demonstrations: (1) blocking railways, highways, airports and/or ports as a way to block the flows of the capital and (2) actions like “Toque a Bankia” in which we, while overflowing banks or corporations, we could block their normal functioning. The first type of actions may not be such a good idea because the purpose may not be so well understandable for the general people, but the second is easily understandable by the people as a way to punish the banks/corporations that are screwing everything up.


    multinational and transnational: what could be done on one day to create a real  impact walking into the fields


    there is also a proposal for a game -  this would be a game to engage people online to take actions on the real world.  The game would have a starting level with a title like: Are you a Freedom Fighter? - First question -  You see a corrupt political on the street -  what you do?

    Multiple answers: A - shout that he is a corrupt. B- Call the Police and report about that person, C - Go on Social Media and make a page about his corruptions schemes.


    Other questions could be: You see Multinationals buying your country assets almost for nothing: what will be your next action? A-  Boycott their products and show alternatives

    B- try to shut down entrance in that company? C- Do nothing


    Many others questions could be added, of course


    After you have chosen  one those options you were taken to for example a facebook event that have similar topics of what you choose previously and invite you to join the event and participate ( example Shut Down Monsanto event). That way people would see that more people think that them and are fighting for the same interests. Their actions now can be taken on different levels specially on the streets since they are now engaged on taking actions. there could be a website for this as well where could be a selection of different games focusing on countries, animals abuse, pedophile, corruption or the main game that would be global and focusing on the topics of a world freedom. You could even have awards like if you participate on most of the events could get like a big thank you message from all users.


    The website needed to be spread along on different servers to prevent attacks and it could use your location to choose the closest mirror. If one was taken down the second one closer would be linked. There would be funny characters for people to engage more easily.


    This game could make people that are unaware of their powers as citizens as possible activists as they would feel more connected to others who also play the games and also going to the events. It would start to be fun on first place then moving on to something more serious Hugo (HMF)




    Round 1

    International Action against Repression

    This round there were only 2 people on the room - Francisco Norega (the proposant) and guest (from Germany). The idea shared is to have a International Action against Repression in the beginning of september (probably on 7-8).

    This idea came up after the last general strike in Portugal (27th of June), when a spontaneous demonstration (with around 500 people) was stopped by the police and more than 200 were kettled by the police, being detained outdoors (with more   than 35º) without water nor food, some for more than 7 hours. Then we were informed we had to present ourselves to court the next day.

    So, moving forward: this action of police, instead of intimidating the people, made possible for people from different collectives to connect and start working together. Now, between this 226 people we are discussing and working to call for a meeting against repression in lisbon for the beginning of september, and we are willing to make a call for international action during those days against repression.

    Our idea, at a national level, is to try to create a space for different social movements and communities (namely the ethnic minorities from the poorest neighbourhoods, who suffer this repression for a long time) to come together and start working together on this issue, because together we are stronger and we can resist better to the repression. The actions on an international level have to be discuss and defined, of course, by the local social movements, collectives or communities.

    Syntagma Round 2



    Round 1:


    Subject of discussion: #15O action proposal -> block of infrastructures (digital&physical) in order to stop capitalist accumulation (in other words, reactualising the strike form)


    symbolic demonstration are not effective

    see the massive  2003 anti-war European-wide failed and the Iraqi war continued


    blockade as a means to empower people effectively

    capitalists and the 1% cannot keep doing as they want if the circulation is blocked, because circulation is essential to money accumulation

    mobility is key to our contemporary economy, that's where we need to strike


    • Target

    • Need to find good target:

    • Multi-target: not only waged worker but also students housekeepers, retires, the society who work but are not paid, but whose work contribute to the gross domestic product


    have the good target , think 1% have same "living" need (eat, clothes, transport like us)... find block THEIR suppliers or "parts" instead of blocking the people part


    • Flexible organization

    • every target needs a kind of action

    • see if we workers with low salaries could keep them safe and don't see the effects of the strike. widespread precariousness  in society points towards #SocialStrike

    • multiple planes of action:

    • digital infrastructures:

    • see Anonymous attack on Israeli stock exchange how effective it had been),

    • goods circulation (logistics workers in North Italy),

    • highways (NOTAV movement):

    • blockade harbours:

    • US West Coast

    • urban mobility (#passelivre protests in Brazil):

    • Videos:

    • block highways in Mexico:

    Hub meeting 13-15 septembre 2013 in Barcelona:

    can we imagine a networked, coordinated global blockade? are we ready for that?


    1 yes are we ready for that...general blockade..perso I am trying to be as autonomous as possible.Let's see bring idea from "survivalist" activist for ex. I think it would not possible for everyone. But if we are ready sure we should not forget the excluded people who can’t, consider we have to find a way to help them whatever the way it is. It's obvious, easy to say but always think that if we are the 99%, within the 99% none of the 99% would be ready for blockade threatening their lives...unless of course when you have nothing to lose except your life . And we are talking about blockade not about actions "manifestation" or any kind of physical violence or else.


    Do you think we can organise blockades without trade unions... ? YESSS :-)




    Round 2:


    Subject of discussion: connecting university struggles in order to transform knowledge into a global battlefield


    • Problem: University is a global corporation in scope because it's working under the logical of the market: accumulation of knowledge to the corporation, for profit, not for the public. There is a general process of homogenization of the uni.

    • Goal:

    • Find a way to struggle against corporations.

    • Globalize the struggles about knowledge.

    • Examples: in Italy the struggle failed against Bolognian plan because it kept local.


    • Researchers' strike: the general public have already paid for the investigations which are done in the Universities and we have to pay twice to read the magazine where they have to published.

    • Proposals:

    • The researchers should publish the result of their investigation in blogs to share knowledge.

    • Copyright (dispositive to enclose the common, to privatize it). If knowledge is shared it is much more productive and useful for the whole of society. Each struggle around knowledge should have as its focus the fight against copyright.

    • Reclame an income  to live autonomously, because their labour is productive for society.

    • Income examples:

    • not to pay fees,

    • have free house while studying or researching,

    • salary,

    • Common research plan for 2013-2014 and let every univertisity to write about the topic

    • How can we connect activists from universities worldwide?

    • Build a mailing list:

    • ISM - The International Student Movement,

    • Write a recall to those international lists:


    The university and knowledge struggles today must be deeply tied to social struggles and feel part of them. we don't have to do the mistake of considering them separate struggles, as the struggle is one: sharing knowledge and wealth, for if knowledge is shared it becomes much more productive and useful for the general well-being of society.


    • Other interesting information:




    round 1 -

    We discussed representative vs participatory democracy, and shared websites that we liked (not all compatible):,, and




    Round 2


    What can the Oct. 15 action be?

    After 2001 we had many uprisings - 2010, 2011, 2012,

    In Europe we Had Greece, student actions

    In france, immigrants orgs

    Spain started the feelings of uprisings just spread to Europe - after that org starting reaching the local organization levels.  15O is really linked to these emerging networks, local levels meeting and many people connected on social media and org 15O

    Barcelona November

    2012 many ideas and connections built between networks and groups - creating global networks

    2013 uprisings in Turkey, Brasil, Bulgaria and other places - feelings of unity and dignity there


    maybe hundreds of small groups come together and work together

    brainstorm how can we make it - how can we network with people in Us, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia


    15 of May to 15 of October in 2011 and then we had Occupy...


    JackieS: are there already ideas for october 15


    orsans: World Human Wave meetings have been discussing what to do and how. nothing concrete yet, but there is the momentum.  the idea here is to strengthen and sharpen the vision.


    orsans - anyone here who did not know about 15O knows if there is anything planned?


    MarcusNYC I think not many people are working on that - in NYC people are preparing for s17 - not clear it will be a big event here in NY


    orsans - do you know about the ___ meeting - there is a visioning for social strike - an ongoing process.  I think there is someone who knows about that session - maybe you can start from there


    Marcus - I only know what the German comrades  know - I know there is the idea of a social/metropolitan strike.  this is far from an action plan or strike.  and there is the idea to talk about the constituent process. but all seems to be far being already action plans. they are at the level of brainstorming and discussion on this.   [thank you grizzly for helping!]


    Bruno - I think that for people who are already activists, 15 Oct is  but for new people, - [can’t hear]

    Marcus - witnessed here in NYC and in Germany, maybe other, Italy and so on - the actual structures we had during the big uprisings and take the square actions - many of this collapsed and is not existing anymore - as far as I know


    orsans - of course now we have in Brasil, in Turkey, there are assemblies - in a way thinking of      having the date of 15O, people in Spain, Europe US, Can,  maybe now we have a better process, convergence towards 15O - my personal idea is something like this towards the 15 of Oct. in already planned meetings like Agora99, Via22, etc. can connect this collaboration and strongly connect to Egyptians, Brasil, etc. other countries.


    JackieS not really a concrete idea, S17 and National Gathering next steps in the movement here, and we should talking about that


    MarcusNYC - strategic planning for s17 are going on - few people attend -the idea would be from s17 on different people mobilize against pacific area trade agreement (TPP) and that on the atlantic area trade agreement TAFTA they are very important agreements and discussions going on - the strategy group will be working on those and combine this with the message and call for global solidarity among the 99% the people who are oppressed by the ruling class - the problem is the structure - the structure basically fell down - it is very unclear if a small group will be capable of bringing even 100 people to a square


    orsans - like 2011 the call was there and then it took off, like Day of Rage in Occupy

    in Holland we had the spanish assemblies - they prepared the ground for 15O and then it took off after Occupy took off.  now we have a bigger audience.

    create a dynamic - Vica can you tell us about that meeting and how these dynamics can work or anyone else


    Oliver - definitely the dream is treated convergence of many groups - so many are organizing

    we in canada have connections with Idle No More - we are just starting now to sit down and organize with them - we don’t have many contacts in Spain, but do have others - so that if all these movements start talking about a day that everyone can join together on that would be powerful - we have to think what made the original Indignados and Occupy do - it wasn’t a one day protest, but indefinite, and that scared the (powers that be)


    Orsnas - how can we connect all these networks to each other - can 15O serve for this?


    MarcusNYC -I have an idea - at that time it was a wake-up call and money people immediately know what this mean - we had pictures from arabian rebellion, India, Spanish Indignados - it was basically a simple message to go out on the streets on 15O and people did. occupy (which happened on 17th of september 2011) and the people in Spain really made this happen with connections, reaching out

    maybe we need another wake-up call with a different message - maybe we should call to re-organize - NY is unorganized now -very few people - isolated again into small groups - better than nothing - better than before - we have to call together and go together in Nyc Istanbul, Sao Paolo, etc. and talk to each other via livestream, etc. - make the discussion live


    Marita - would like to report what was said in the other group about the road to 15O - the idea is to start a road to dignity for 15O a completely open process where all people could join from their local square - all the process happening now.  there will be a meeting in Barcelona in Sept, a three day meeting in Frankfurt, Agora99 in beginning of November in Rome - these are all that could be part of this process.  ___in mexico can be part of this process   the idea is to open these processes and try to put together people to take part in it.


    orsans - you mean this visual tests where people can      from now til Oct 15.


    nopsey - think globally, act locally. we all have global ideas - we should take these ideas and act locally and reportback to the global level


    think glocally!


    MarcusNYC - we should all agree that 15O is important and start to make a call for it - to send a strong proposal to all those meetings - what happens is that people don’t really know about it - we should strongly push the idea forward


    Francisco - another round table in the Sol room - how can we do something besides just demonstrations like we’ve been doing for two years

    use the idea of “Toque a bankia” - it was in Spain in May - when thousands of people fulfilled the agencies of Bankia with stupid questions and requests, blocking the working of this bank.

    we could use this method for 15O to have more concrete results.


    Osans - last comments or ideas?


    Marita - personally I think it’s not the case of we - the few people that are here and make a call about 15O - the problem we have is to start this open process - we have a lot of meetings at the level - the problem is not to go to the meetings to decide on 15O, the problem is to see if the people in these other groups decide and want to take part

    a pol


    nopsey - important to act locally and think globally and report back to each other what has worked and what has not worked, educate each other.


    Orsans - important to have a visualization of these connections already happening around the countries would like to say that this year the 15O is an anniversary, can be part of the visual road to dignity - it can be a very big contribution in this area, in my opinion




    NEXT OPEN SPACE MEETING IN MUMBLE 22nd August (to be confirmed tonight)

    • 25 to 29 July

    Third  European Forum against unnecessary imposed mega projects which are  forced upon us. The forum will be held in Stuttgart, Germany.


    • August 2-10 Rotterdam, the Netherlands No Border Camp Rotterdam 2013

    Week of action, discussion and workshops

    • August 18th - International Action Against #Capitalism.  1. Take over the public space 2. Support your brothers and sisters 3.  Change the conversation. It's intention is to build a dual power  opposing capitalism and educate the people that their being robbed by  the owners of their system.


    • 22 August Global Dialogue, (Global day of strike from work), assist in international communication and celebration in the streets with music and dancing!

    • 21-25 August Occupy Wall Street InterNational Gathering:

    decolonize the 99% in Kalamazoo Michigan - 22 Aug. Global Conversation online


    • 13 - 15 September :  Hubmeeting in Barcelona



    • 25- 27 October: Frankfurt Blockupy’s European Action Conference

    The Blockupy 2013 days of action were one step on the path towards becoming part of a huge, common European and global movement. We want to continue walking this path together with you: we want to talk about our respective struggles, want to have a strategic debate about whether Blockupy 2014 can be a common point of crystallisation, how we can develop our collective strength, how to intervene into the situation, how to create practical opportunities.

    To discuss all this, to make it happen together with our friends, colleagues and comrades from all over Europe, we therefore invite you a European Action Conference in Frankfurt on the weekend October 25th to 27th. We want to have lively discussions about strategies and approaches, want to kick off an international and participatory European preparatory process for the Blockupy mobilisation and against the planned opening of the new ECB in 2014.


    • 1–3 November:  2nd Agora99 international meeting in Rome


    • 1--3 November:  Tear Down the Walls National Gathering, Tuscon, AZ, US (Alliance for Global Justice sixty members and others - Social Justice)


    • 5 November: Anonymous Billion Masked March


    General Notes for Intro and Final session:

    Introductions and mic checks.



    luc132 -

    Tiza - French Caribbean Island Guadalupe - came to talk about 15O, but glad to talk about different things - try to start a new way to work and organize the groups.

    Simena -

    Sanki - Turkey, Istanbul - happy to share ideas what we are doing for ongoing

    Predrag - Croatia - involved invarious things.

    owszapatista - Malu - part of OWS and under the bridge - provide information about Zapatistas and next interested in talking to fellows in Turkey and everywhere

    Orsans - from Turkey, live in the Netherlands, follow the Arab Spring, Occupy, Indignados - we had amazing meetings like this a lot in 2011, 2012, so these meeting immensely helped - we learned from each other a lot - we hope these meetings will continue

    Oregeon Media - Dean Edwards, SalemBard, Eugene Oregon -very active \with communications around the state of Oregon -- this is a strong thing we are doing for democracy around the world

    Oliver - Occupy Vancouver, Canada,helps at InterOccupy. looking forward to the Occupy Convergence in Kalamazoo in August, and leading up to Oct. 15

    Nopsey - Occupy North Hampton, UK - been doing a lot of actions, local council petitions - the other day delivered a petition on a mattress - UK Uncut - bank...

    Netdruide - Daniel from France, Brittany - participated with

    mzzzm -

    Miguel Prados - Spain - participating in the real democracy platform and the congress and have run a survey of how people want to see democracy

    Mika - Italy

    Marita - Madrid - Global Squares, WSF and Florence in Italy at the moment

    Luke- European student unionist, 15M Indignados international, Occupy: based in UK

    Luv132 - Calabra, Mexico - involved in various organizations and struggles, environmental,    xx movement - first time we are logging on to these meetings - in the next month we are travelling to the UK and hope to get acquainted.


    Laurent granada: #12o #MAM #StopMonsanto ES and Global: Marcha contra Monsanto #MAM #12O [ES] 12 Octubre 2013

    Kehuluga - yo - from Mexico

    Johnnb - Occupy London - was at the last session - very good, glad it’s come along again


    JbBr - João, Brasil, Occupy Brasil, convergence at ____ Brasil , here to improve networking


    Jackie S - Occupy Buffalo, IO, National Gathering - will do a breakout room

    HMF -  from Portugal, follow and support people’s revolutions - working on a movie that shows that information is the new gold

    Heather Marsh (Georgie) - Canada - been working on collaboration methods since 2010

    Hardtank - Tulio, São Paulo - Brasil, from school of activism - here to gain experience and see how you are doing to integrate the countries

    Gareth -

    Francois Genest - Montreal, Quebec, Canada, interested in Communciation

    flacil - not here anymore

    Eddie - France

    Dorotea - Portugal

    David TB - Spain

    Colibri - Madrid - talking about October; can’t stay a lot of time; people who can speak from our org - have been involved since October 2 years ago. can stay for 10-20 minutes.

    Borneo - Turkey, new for mumble gatherings, listening

    Bernardo Sampa - Spain, living in Sao Paulo, Brasil, excited what is happening here

    bastress - Montreal, Quebec - hoping this is going to be our way to a world revolution

    Aut-It - from Bologna., Infoaut Network _ hoping to see you on the next hubmeeting in Barcelona _ reflecting about an inclusive social strike/ global strike as the result of a transnational process

    anubi - from Rome, Italy,

    Active Wroclaw - from Poland, local activists - want to join the international movement

    @ivnbkn - Ivan in Italy - part of a collective Hobo Bologna - participated in last meeting

    Jbbr ( [Brazil] (15o-2011)

    amigo9 - Mexico - been through Occupy since the start, also a cyber activist and street activist, not as much because of illnesses - glad to know there are a lot of Spanish speaking people here!

    Alex Hasper - Brasil


    Aikos -  Asheville, NC, USA. Am working on this project these days:

    Am excited about possibilities of global democracy, enhanced by new internet possibilities.

    Global Week of action in October 2013 for a world parliament.

    aharon -

    PatriS - Partricia  from Spain - participate in real democracy now  and ATTAC organizing the protests of 2011 and then collaborating with the camping in summer of 2011, in October 2011 I moved to Barcelona since have been participating in the movement; now involved in the organization of the Hub Meeting and would like to talk to you all

    Franciso Norego - travelling around Europe this summer - would like to get experiences from residents - can spread the word about 15O

    Marcus NYC -

    Liz, Florida, USA - Occupy international gathering and has radio show AirOccupy


    Rosario - Spain, from Argentina originally, been involved since 2011, wanting to see what’s happening now in this meeting


    mika ( nomad activist)  - born in tbilisi, georgia grew up in italy - france

    vegan, total liberation, itinerant activists projects


    David - impatient and looking forward to jump into action and start talking about the global change we are making. You may be curious in how we are going to have a conversation when we speak so many languages.  Can I ask how many have been to an Open Space before. Press +1

    You can see there are different space which are called gezi, sol, zucotti - these correspond to the rooms about us.  In these different rooms we are going to have different conversations.  The agenda is blank - it is every participant who has the power to decide.  If you speak English, you can speak in English.  In other languages, there can be a discussion.


    How can we connect now our struggles and squares to create global change?

    Brainstorming on the next steps - Oct. 15 - we are part of.  Choose a topic or issue that is really your concern.  Something you are passionate about - to the point you would be ready to assume responsibility for it.  you have opportunity now to choose a space for that conversation and those who wish to be there will be sharing your conversation with you.


    Time for next meeting - much discussion - Propose the 22nd of the month and then in September start to have on same day each month like the third Sat or Sun. and move hours up each month, 8 PM, 9 PM, etc.

    Thursday is hard for people in brasil and other countries - will continue discussion on lists and facebook


    Marita - proposal to have on 22nd and then a doodle for the next month


    Gezi Room 1 Road to Dignity to 15O open process open to everybody - tools - in the minutes - the idea is to open the road map - all  the different spaces and movements can join in to plan


    Gezi Room 2 - European symposium - happening in the real world - 3 month symposium in southern germany about which world we want to live in - we created a facebook event and info in the minutes


    Sol Room 1-


    Sol Room 2 - how can we organize alternative actions?

    3 or 4 people discussed some alternative actions - listed some actions such as in Notre-Dame des Landes  in France - a long term action against closing of the port, an action that happened in Spain last year, the Torque banqia; blocking of railways, highways and ports


    Syntagma Room 1

    Syntagma Room 2 which are the commons that unites the local with the global and how they can serve as actions for 15O


    Zucotti Room 1 talked about the international gathering in Kalamazoo 21-25. focused on talking about 22 Aug is the next large room chat. suggested reportbacks from different countries and what is going on in Brazil, Turkey around the world - stories from the street.  talk about subjects and topics that cross movements. A request for translators

    Zucotti Room 2 general brainstorming for O15 - on 2011 there was  big call, this year is an anniversary - visualization of the Road to Dignity like 2011 - the different gatherings and groups can contribute to bringing this forward


    Taksim (@ivnbkn, PatriS):

    Round 1. Subjetc: #15O action proposal -> block of infrastructures (digital&physical) in order to stop capitalist accumulation (in other words, reactualising the strike form). Multi-target and flexible actions (study differents ways to block the city) to make the block. In the Hub Meeting 13-15 september 2013 we will discuss about social strike:

    Round 2, Subject: Subject of discussion: connecting university struggles in order to transform knowledge into a global battlefield. Researchers' strike against copyright. Build a way to connect struggles worldwide.


    Sao Paulo

    Round 1

    Round 2



    round 1

    Round 2


    Beer Room

    Round 1 - What is the strategy to make the people that know that we need change to join us but are still afraid/too busy of fighting for global freedom?

    The goal here was to engage people who find themselves difficult to become activists. It seems particularly difficult  for most people to engage in actions such as roadblocks. The idea to make a game to engage those people on becoming freedom fighters and it was added the general structure for this game on SOL forum room 2 Hugo - HMF

    Round 2 (Beer)

    Long discussion about next transnational meeting - general agreement to have on 22 August with NatGat2 and Via 22; use same mumble room and time.  some disagreement from Brasilians because of weekday, workday and times.  Some will doodle for an extra meeting this month.  Will consider different proposals at the 22 Aug meeting for Sept. meeting.

    One proposal is to stagger the times so that 1800 GMT 22 Aug. would become 1900 GMT Sept., 2000 GMT Oct., etc. so that times could fit all peoples around the world.




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